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3.7L Thirst Quencher Water Bottle (1 Gallon)

3.7L Thirst Quencher Water Bottle (1 Gallon)

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If you're looking for a 1 gallon jug or 1 gallon water bottle (also known as a flask or canteen) to quench your thirst then we have you covered! PPD Hydration 3.7L (1 gallon) water bottle with an easy drink twist lids and handle are ready to keep you hydrated wherever you go.

With our double insulated vaccum technology, your water bottles will not sweat. Your beverage will stay icy cold (or hot if that's what you're into!) and the outside of your new water bottle will stay the ambient temperature.

PPD Hydration bottles are environmentally friendly and have the following features:

  • 3.7L (1 gallon) capacity - we are here to keep you hydrated!
  • Double insulated walls keeping your cold beverages cold for up to 12 hours
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Made from the highest quality vacuum sealed stainless steel
  • Includes an easy pour twist lid
  • BPA free
  • Ethically sourced

What Can You Use Our 1 Gallon Water Bottle or Jug for

The 3.7L stainless steel double wall water bottle with a wide opening and easy twist lid is a versatile and convenient accessory.
Here are some uses:
1. Outdoor activities: Stay hydrated during hikes, camping trips, and other outdoor adventures.
2. Fitness: Refill easily during workouts or at the gym, or body building sesions and keep water cool for longer.
3. At work: Have an ample supply of water at your workplace without constant refills.
4. Travel: Carry enough water for journeys by car, train, or plane.
5. Picnics: Bring enough water for a group, with easy pouring and sharing.
6. Camping: Maintain water temperature and easily fill from natural sources.
7. Emergencies: Store and carry water for extended periods in emergencies or disasters.
8. Eco-friendly lifestyle: Reduce single-use plastic bottle waste with a reusable, durable water bottle.

Gift an Eco Friendly 1 Gallon Drink Bottle

Our laser engraved drink bottles are also a great gift. You can make it into a personalised water bottle with someone's name. Or a Branded water bottle as a promotional item. Contact us to buy in bulk.


Height (to top of lid): 32.5cm
Height (to top of handle): 38cm

Diameter with bumper: 52.5cm

Weight (empty): 2076g



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Darcy Jack
Ice stayed ice for 4 days.

I love my PPD 3.7litre bottle. I'm a builder, onsite, travel. I filled the bottle with large ice cubes. They were still ice 4 days later. I had more than enough water each day. Makes sense. I should of bought one years ago ....

Lynda Hollingworth
Great Product and Service

The quality of these water bottles is so good I have returned to purchase 9 bottles in total now. The service is fantastic and turnaround time was only a couple of days. Highly recommend this product and business.

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